Buppy is pronounced Boopy.
Music for life.
Jamaican Reggae Recording Artist
Jamaican Recording Artist/Actor Lennox Buppy Brown. Love music and believe in Unity Through Music. Lead Singer with Buppy & The Uplifters Reggae Band collaborated with many different styles of artists around the world. Achieved Songs placed in motion pictures and television projects. Has 5 released albums along with Acting/Standing in for many top name actors in the business, Don Cheadle & Wesley Snipes to name a few? Goals are to Unite the world through music & teach or make an impact on someone’s life. Pass on what's known musically. Win some Grammies & Oscars for the talent and work & Keeping the faith and belief in Thyself & God.

Specialties: Performing, Entertaining, Helping people and keeping the Unity of Life & love today & always through Music.

Available for private gigs, parties and weddings - just hit Buppy up on his contact form for more details To sing at your next Event With Playback or with the band.
 Contact: Sandy White